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Dr. Quiroz is an amazing surgeon, and his personality is even better. Not only has he given me a body after a 215 lb. weight loss, but he has become a friend. He performed a full body lift, breast augmentation, and arm lift. I spent 8 months researching cosmetic surgeons, in the states and in Mexico. I went to a consultation with him, knowing I trusted his skills. What I wanted to know when meeting him for the first time, was if I felt comfortable enough with him. He would be performing, which in my mind, was something impossible. Making me look normal. He did more than make me look normal. I am amazed at the results. Although I am still not perfect. I do have to remember where I started.

I recommend him to everyone. His staff is amazing as well. All speak english, and are as sweet as they come. The night after my surgery, I even had a nurse by my side all night. I'd even stir a bit, and she was there asking me if I was alright, if I needed anything, or just to comfort me. That to me is priceless. The facility is as clean, if not more so, than the hospitals I've been in, here in California.

If you are considering any kind of reconstructive/ cosmetic surgery, I urge you to make an appointment with Dr. Quiroz for a consultation. I am sure you won't be sorry!

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on June 9, 2008

Cosmed did my Lower Body Lift, Thigh Lift and Butt lift as well as my Breast Lift and Augmentation. I was 100% Satisfied with the care I had at the facility and the hotel was wonderful accross the way from the surgery center. Everyone speaks english and the prices are great. The facility is the cleanest I have seen. All the staff is WONDERFUL. Please feel free to email me and mention my name when making your appt as you will get better service :) After loosing 200 lbs I needed to do this for myself and I have no regrets. :) My email is destrada@Liv-lite.com 

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Sept. 24, 2004

I must admit at first I was scared having my surgery outside the country. But, honestly there is nothing to worry about!!! I had the best care I could possibly ask for and would not change a thing for the world! The type of care that Dr Quiroz and his Staff provided me was amazing! Many thanks to Dr Quiroz and his Staff

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Sept. 22, 2009

I had a Extended TT w/ Lip and fat grafting to my rear. I am VERY happy with my results. I have had NO complications and very little swelling.

Cosmed went above and beyond helping me and scheduling appointments that worked for me, etc.

Dr Q is an abosolute sweet heart, who has called me at home to check up on me.

I will defineatly refer friends to him and would go back to him in a heart beat!!

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on June 14, 2009

I had a breast lift, arm lift and face lift with Dr. Quiroz 04/03/2008. The staff at the clinic and Dr. Quiroz were wonderful. I am completely happy with the results. My breasts are absolutely beautiful and I look at least 10 years younger. It was the best thing I have ever done.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on May 1, 2008

Dr. Quiroz is an artist! He is a top-notch surgeon who really understands the nuances of plastic surgery on (formerly)obese patients and the issues with our stretched skin. He performed a LBL and BL/A on me in Oct. 2008, and I returned in Feb. 2009 for a complete brow,face and neck lift, and brachioplasty. It was amazing to me how he could tell exactly what I needed from photos, but he is that skilled and practiced. I am very pleased with all of my results, and would recommend Dr. Quiroz for all of your PS needs. The entire staff at COSMED are caring and helpful, and my whole experience there has been positive. Contact me at susu329@yahoo.com if you have questions.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Feb. 23, 2009

WOW, where do I begin. I am now 6 days post op and just returned from a visit with Dr. Quiroz. What an amazing man he is. This experience for me from the beginning has been nothing short of amazing.
I must first say that my bariatric surgery was 30 years ago and was done at Shands Hospital in Gainsville, Florida. My first experience with Dr. Quiroz was 25 years ago when he did surgery on me in Mexico City. I had not lost much weight at that time and he performed liposuction on my inner thighs to reduce the amount of fat. (He removed almost 2 liters of fat if my memory serves me right) and he removed excess skin from my underarms. What a blessing that was to me. I knew that if I ever had any other surgery done that I would want Dr. Quiroz to be "the man".

My time finally arrived after a resolution to not be out of shape by the time I turned 50. ( I will be 50 in July). I started a balanced diet and exercise program in April of 2010 and was ready to locate Dr. Quiroz by August. I did an internet search and was able to find him. I did as his website requested and sent pictures. What a thrill it was to receive a phone call from him shortly after sending my pictures and information.

On the 19th of January I had the lower body lift, inner thigh lift and breast augmentation.I
I sit here in my beautiful hotel room writing this review and I am so very excited. Yes, I look like I have been in a car wreck, but I know that is only temporary. I actually have not experienced any "real" pain. Prior to coming to the hotel I stayed at an aftercare facility that was arranged by Joyce in Dr. Quiroz's office. The aftercare was wonderful. The travel experience has been very pleasant. We (my mother is traveling with me) have been treated beautifully. The kind and courteous staff at Cosmed cannot be topped. All of my apprehensions about traveling out of the country have been removed. I would HIGHLY recommend this process to anyone who is beginning to think about having plastic surgery done.

I have talked about all of my surgeries as they were one, but I will be posting additional reviews under the other surgeries also.
I cannot say enough good about the entire process, especially when I would tell someome that I was going to Mexico for my surgery and I would then get "the" comments. Every detail that could be handled by Cosmed was.
If anyone would like to contact me, perhaps there is a way through this site. I have not "poked" around alot, but I would be thrilled to email with anyone.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Jan. 25, 2011

I am post op 15 days after having a lower body lift, liposculpture, and fat transfer to the buttocks by Dr. Alejandro Quiroz. I am thoroughly satisfied with my entire experience from beginning to end, and I recommend Dr. Quiroz without reservation to anyone seeking plastic surgery.

I am from New York and work in the medical field for prestigious Columbia University Medical Center. I had gastric bypass surgery January, 2007 and lost 100 lbs but my insurance carrier refused to pay for any surgery based on it not being "medically necessary". I began searching extensively for a plastic surgeon and after seven months of exhaustive research, I decided to go with Dr. Quiroz. My choice was based on several factors which were: surgeon's residency and fellowship training, board certifications, licensure, years of experience, morbidity and mortality rates; facility adherence to standards of safety comparable to the U.S. (e.g., infection control, and quality care) and finally but not the least, my personal safety in Mexico. When I decided to do the gastric bypass surgery, I received tremendous negative feedback from family and friends and canceled it once before I did do it. Had I told anyone I was going to Mexico for plastic surgery, I would still be chained to my desk or kitchen counter. I was going alone, I was fearful, and I was taking a loan from my pension. As my daughter so nicely put it, "If you come back with one kidney and nine toes, you have no one to blame but yourself". I was just as afraid to go into Tijuana as I was to go see a doctor outside of the U.S. where our standards of care are 'superior' to most other countries. After my research and speaking with Dr. Quiroz, his staff, and going over my information over and over and yet over again, the final go ahead came for me when I watched his interview on the Lifetime Network here in NY. The two reporters that interviewed Dr. Quiroz did so with such a vengeance, I loved it. That was the last thing I needed to see to be convinced. I read many reviews on his site but I needed to do more, see more, know more. I began the process and I spoke often with Joyce Palau of his clinic. She was courteous, professional, and helpful in so many ways. Joyce handled every single detail.

All of the staff at Cosmed Clinic were friendly, smiling, professional, just amazing people to speak with. Everyone spoke English, and although I am Puerto Rican and speak decent Spanish, I felt much more at ease to know everyone there could relate to me on my terms. I arranged my roundtrip flight from Newark to San Diego and Joyce arranged everything else. I was still afraid to stay in Tijuana, so I decided to stay only five days at the aftercare center Joyce put me in, Casa de Lilas, and stay the other five days in San Diego, where I would be on American soil and feel safe and I'd just figure out how to get back and forth to my follow up appts after surgery. Casa de Lilas was the icing on the cake to my entire experience. I have to mention them. To say that I was treated like royalty, taken care of, fed, and watched over is an understatement. The staff here took exquisite care of me to the point of my changing my hotel accommodations. I remained with Casa de Lilas and Mr. Antonio, Martin, Ana, and Lucia and the others for the entire ten days. I was well fed, cared for, my drainages taken care of, my meds given to me faithfully, bed linens changed, used the internet and made and received phone calls from/to the U.S. and relaxed. Even my laundry was done. Ana even sewed a button on my sweater for me when it popped off. I left Casa de Lilas at 3:30AM with my new friends taking me to the airport in San Diego, carrying my luggage, and exchanging hugs and kisses. I have made new friends in Tijuana with Cosmed Clinic and Casa de Lilas. I was taken to Cosmed for my initial consultation on March 15th, 2011, and met with Dr. Quiroz for the first time and my initial consultation. My surgery was scheduled for the next morning.

Dr Quiroz was fresh out of surgery in his scrubs and met me with a fresh smile and proceeded to get down to the details of my surgery and all of my questions. He is extremely patient, did not rush me nor find any question too silly. He was very detailed in his explanations, his bedside manner was superb (I have worked with many physicians in 25 years, their bedside manner can be really cold at times) and he and his staff made me feel very secure and very good about my decision. Once we were done with my entire visit, I was driven to Casa de Lilas by Mr. Antonio, where I was made a wonderful dinner and escorted to my room. I was taken the next morning to surgery. I met my anesthesiologist, a wonderful man that made me comfortable and relaxed. I love that everyone has a great sense of humor. I can't explain how well I was treated, how careful everyone was, the nursing staff, the clerks, everyone was so great. I can say that I went to the O.R. relaxed and at ease and I awoke after surgery in fine spirits and to my surprise, not too much pain.

Dr. Quiroz did an amazing job with my surgery. I was post op three days when I went to see him for follow up and I noticed how great I looked, even though I am still swollen and still have sutures, but I looked pretty good! Now, 15 days later, I look amazing. When I returned home five days ago and my daughter saw me, she was sooo happy and said how wonderful I looked. My face was so clear and so aglow (I ate fresh fruit and drank juices every day and did not have any diet soda or junk good as I do back home) and of course, the first thing I did when I got home was take off my pants and shirt and binder and showed my new body to my daughter and friend who picked me up at the airport. They both said I looked amazing and great and that I was not going to know how to act with this new body. I have to smile because I am soooo happy, and they are soooo right!! Thank you Dr. Quiroz, Dios te bendiga.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on April 4, 2011

I had lapband surgery in October 2009. I am scheduled to have cosmetic surgery with Dr. Quieroz in 5 months. I am a RN, who has been in the medical field for 30 years. Though I have yet to meet the Dr. face to face, he did my virtual consultation. He took his time over the phone explaining all the details to me. I am going to have brachioplasty, lower body lift, and breast augmentation with a breast lift. These procedures will all be done at once. I am the only patient that he has booked for my surgery date. I will be going down to have my in-person consultation in October or November. Both Dr. Quieroz and Joyce at Cosmed are fantastic. I have talked with them both MANY times on the phone, and they are ALWAYS available to answer my many questions that I have. Very professional Dr. and staff. Thank you for everything.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on July 13, 2010

My name is Marika; I’m here to share with you the story of my transformation at the hands of Dr. Alejandro Quiroz and his staff at the CosMed Clinic, Tijuana, Mexico.

I chose to have cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin as a result of losing a significant amount of weight. After a thorough amount of research, and careful consideration I selected Dr. Quiroz based on the following criteria, listed in the following order, which were the most important reasons to me.

- As an elective surgery, the procedures were not covered by my medical insurance, and the prices quoted by CosMed were within my reach, with financing options available.
- Dr. Quiroz is not only a plastic surgeon; he also specializes in reconstructive surgery which was not the case with all the surgeons I researched. In my opinion that placed him head and shoulders above his competition.
- He is licensed in both Mexico as well as in California, and he speaks perfect English, which was also not always the case with the other surgeons.
- In addition to the above mentioned items and equally important were the reviews on him and his clinic. While I understand that there are always pros and cons in all reviews it was my belief that I had found the surgeon who best suited my needs.
My surgical date was April 12th, 2010.

I had a lower body lift, as well as an arm lift. Am I pleased with the outcome, you better believe I am!

My experience with CosMed has made me feel like a new woman. The care I received from everyone at the doctor’s office has made realize that I made the right decision. Joyce, who schedules the surgeries and trouble shoots the questions as well as allaying any fears you might have is a caring and dependable person. No mater how busy Joyce is, she does her best to get back to you in a timely fashion. She does not get upset if you call her repeatedly and will devote the time needed to make you feel important. Marta, the nurse who attended me after the surgery was an absolute professional, she was kind and caring during a time when I was in need. ALL of the nurses, and I do mean all of the nurses are wonderful. Under the direct supervision of nurse Perla, who heads an organized, efficient and caring staff you never get the feeling that you are a number, you are always treated as an individual who maters to all of them. As for the after care, the office provided me with three different options, the first was a luxury hotel located close to the office, the others were a choice of two different individuals who would take you in and care for your needs. I chose to stay at the home of Irene Sanchez; the care, the attention to details was overwhelming. Ms. Sanchez attended to all my needs, from changing my bandages, making sure that I took my meds on time, and cooking some of the best food I have ever eaten not to mention getting me to my follow up appointments. Irene is highly efficient woman and kind beyond words. At a time when I was most vulnerable she made me feel comfortable and secure. I strongly recommend her! Believe me, there were a lot of well intentioned friends and family that tried to dissuade me from choosing to leave the country to have this surgery done. I was told that my safety was going to be compromised in Mexico. If you think about it there are many places in the United States that are not safe, Tijuana must be a safe enough environment, look at the amount of revenue Mexico takes in from doing dental work and surgeries on such a steady basis. I understand your concerns, as they were also mine. If reading my words hits a note with any of you please believe my sincerity. I recommend CosMed completely without any reservation.

In conclusion, Dr. Alejandro Quiroz is not only a competent surgeon; he is a wonderful man, one who cares. It shows in all that he does and all that he is. From his attention, to the way he listens and hears what you have to say to his availability in addressing your concerns. He is passionate about what he does, and genuinely loves his “job”. However you have come to be find him understand that you have been blessed. I believe this with all of my heart, so much so I have asked to accompany his office on their next outing which happens to be next weekend, Saturday May 22nd, 2010 in Costa Mesa California. This is sponsored by Obesity Help.com, I will be there giving my full support to CosMed, and Dr. Alejandro Quiroz, a doctor of quality and a man of integrity.Thank you

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on May 15, 2010

Over a period of about a year and a half of dieting and strenuous exercise, I lost about 90 lbs. Afterwards, I was left with extra loose skin and fat deposits that would not go away despite my efforts. I decided after discussions with my husband to have cosmetic surgery to correct these problems. My husband immediately initiated a web search to locate a doctor based on his or her experience, training, and patient reviews. I attended consultations with doctors located in California and Mexico. The doctors in the US seemed as if they knew what they were talking about but they were either cold, too business like or far too expensive. The doctors in Mexico were the same except for Dr. Quiroz. He was what is commonly known as a real person with the knowledge, experience, and training to back it up. Although he was not the least expensive in Mexico, he was my pick. After my first meeting with Dr Quiroz, I scheduled my initial surgery and subsequent surgeries with him via his Patient Coordinator, Joyce. She was very kind, understanding, and helpful. In September 2008, my first surgery consisted of a tummy tuck, full body lift, liposuction, and a fat transfer to my booty. The recovery and healing process was difficult and tedious for about a month. However, the results were awesome. My second surgery was a breast lift, augmentation, arm lift, liposuction, and a second fat transfer to my booty, to fill out this area more appropriately. One again, the results were great. I will be returning to Dr. Quiroz, in November 2009, for my third surgery, which will be an Inner Thigh Lift, liposuction to my midsection and back, and a slight adjustment to one my breast implants, which he is gladly doing at no charge. During the healing process, Dr. Quiroz makes himself available 24 hours a day, directly via phone, and not through a service, to calm my fears and answer my questions. In conclusion, Dr. Quiroz is a caring, sensitive professional whose skills I trust beyond a doubt.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Nov. 9, 2009

Amazing...no... make that Astonishing results from wonderful Dr. Alejandro Quiroz. He is a gifted and caring surgeon who not only meets but exceeds your expectations. I can't say enough about the friendly and accommodating staff that makes you feel like you are part of a family. My lower body-lift with anchor-cut, breast-lift with augmentation and fat injected into my rear was performed skillfully and I am so happy with the results. I've lost 190 lbs., had reconstruction and my 47 year old body looks like I'm in my late 20s wearing juniors clothing. Would I select Dr. Quiroz to perform my surgeries if I had a do-over? ABSOLUTELY!!!

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Oct. 23, 2009

I had a face lift, lower body lift, liposuction and Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Quiroz. I had my arm lift with Dr. Fuentes, at Dr. Quiroz's office. All procedures were better than expected with no complications. I am 4 & 5 years out from my procedures and they are still holding up. I very highly recommend Dr. Quiroz and Cosmed for all of your plastic surgery needs. I have referred many others and all have been very satisfied. The fees are 1/2 or less what you would pay in the US for quality & skilled surgery. I would not hestitate to have my own family member have surgery at Cosmed.
Cosmed office is beautiful, Joyce is a pleasure to work with and the surgery center is clean, effecient with modern, up to date equipment. I give them an A +

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Nov. 9, 2009

I had a LBL in Jan 2009 with thigh lipo, and although the lipo did very little to my appearance the LBL left with me with a flat stomach and a nice butt. I loved Dr. Quiroz and his staff they were very helpful and great to deal with. I am planning to have a breast lift next year and I will definately use Dr. Quiroz again. The office is beautiful and so are the people there. Thanks Dr. Q.
This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on March 31, 2009

I was very pleased with my experience. Dr. Quiroz and his staff were so wonderful. Dr. Quiroz cared so much about the outcome of my surgeries. I had a total bodylift, breast lift and reconstruction, face, neck, eyes and brow lifts. Dr. Quiroz is genuinely a kind man who cares about his patients. He has many years of experience working with weightloss patients and truly cares about the outcome. He doesn't force anything on you, and is very honest about what you need. This is much different than experiences I had in the U.S. The results of my procedures were definitely successful. I truly appreciate everything Dr. Quiroz did for me. I would, and have, referred others to him.
This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on March 21, 2008

Dr. Quiroz and his entire CosMEd staff are highly professional health care team. Safety is number one to the entire team. After, years of obesity I had lost 262 lbs and was left with remnants hanging skin. I looked for a surgeon that was experienced (knowledge and had the medical background) was very important to me. After, seeing several surgeons here in the United States I looked abroad. I was blessed to have found Dr. Quiroz as he was the surgeon I selected to perform the following reconstructive surgeries: Lower Lift, Breast Lift/Augmentation, Vertical Thigh Lift, Outer Thigh lift, Brachioplasty, and Face/Neck/Brow Lift. I am ecstatic with my results; the care that was given was top-notch in every aspect. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at crotink@yahoo.com. Mary M.
This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Feb 19, 2008

Dr. Quiroz emphasized that my overall health and safety were of the highest priority. In no way would that be compromised. He was very kind and patient. He took his time answering all questions about the proceedures. He never was hurried or rushed. CosMed clinic facilities were top-notch, much of the equipment was newer than our local hospital in Florida. Dr. Quiroz included my husband who is an LPN/LVN in my after-care, treating him the same as any professional member of his health care team. I am very happy with the results of the surgery, and am very glad I chose him and CosMed, and would do it again. And all the staff at CosMed was wonderful, kind, and in many ways went beyond the call of duty. For example, many times one of them would offer to take us back to the hotel when we were finished, saving us taxi fare. I feel that the care and treatment I received at CosMed would put them on a par with, and at times beyond, any facility in any large U.S. city.
In addition, the CosMed staff helped in making all arrangements with transportation to and from San Diego Airport and Tijuana and Lucerna Hotel, which we highly recommend as one of the nicest we've ever stayed at--their staff was also wonderful and treated us like royalty.

Verajane S. Hurlbut

P.S. To contact me, my e-mail is khurlbut06@verizon.net.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Feb 1, 2008

I had 2 previous plastic surgeries done by 2 other doctors with poor results. Despite my body being a challenge, Dr. Quiroz took me on and welcomed the opportunity to finish my weight loss journey. He is a very smart doctor with a very laid back, funny bedside manner. Dr. Q always has a smile on his face and is quick to bring your surgery expectations back to reality. Plastic Surgery is an artform and Dr. Quiroz is a master!

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Jan. 17, 2008

Dr. Quiroz is fabulous. He had lots of work to do to me and he made me look and feel better than I have in years. He has a great staff, everyone speaks english and everyone knows what they are going, I would highly recommed him and his clinic to anyone. They have a beautiful clinic and very clean surgical center. Prices are good and he specializes in helping people who have lost a lot of weight and need to have that final step.

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on Sept 7 2007

I am totally amazed at the work Dr. Quiroz done, I call him my Magic Man

This review was posted on Obesity Help about Dr. Quiroz on April 20, 2005














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